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The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast

May 17, 2021

Having overnight business success seems too good to be true -- but what if it’s not?  Achieving quantum leaps in your business is not just a theory; it’s a real possibility. I say this with confidence because I’ve seen it happen for other entrepreneurs and business owners who were where you are now. A few of them are my very own clients.


In this episode, I’m walking you through some concrete examples of clients who have made massive shifts and seen unbelievable results in their business. From scaling to multi-six figures in a matter of weeks to identifying the pivoting points that catapulted them to the next level, I’m deep-diving into the different ways these clients have achieved quantum leaps in their business - and how you can too! 


In this episode, we cover…

  • How to shift your perspective around what is possible
  • Identifying your zone of genius and going all-in
  • Reoccuring themes with entrepreneurs who achieve quantum leaps in their business
  • How to maintain a high level of excellence
  • What playing the big game looks like


“There is a very different energetic level of truly removing any blocks of fear and resistance in which you are holding yourself back. And this all-in type of energy is what we're talking about.” - Amanda Kolbye


“You do have to be willing to put in the work day after day, even when you aren't seeing results.” - Amanda Kolbye


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