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The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

As an entrepreneur, building a successful business requires you to focus on more than just marketing strategies and systems --you need to pay attention to your health, too. Every single entrepreneur is impacted by their health, yet we all seem to put it on the backburner as we build our business. But it’s time for that to change. 


In this episode, I am talking to Kate Lyman, a health and nutrition expert who helps her clients achieve sustainable health outcomes through highly individualized nutrition coaching. We’re going to be diving into sleep, exercise, and nutrition and look at the impact health has on entrepreneurs and how to create a better balance of energy from a holistic perspective so we can build a thriving and sustainable business. 


In this episode, we cover…

  • Why we cannot give from a source of depletion
  • How to manage your stress and why it’s so important
  • The rule of three minimums
  • Why rest impacts our decisions
  • How to balance your energy through nutrition and exercise


Connect with Kate:






“When we focus on balance over perfection and consistency over perfection. I think we're just really, truly setting our Thumbs up for long-term success, rather than this all-or-nothing mentality that keeps us spinning our wheels. I think it's the exact same thing in business, exact same thing in relationships, it's the exact same thing and how we live our lives in all facets of those lives.” - Kate Lyman


“When we focus on balancing our health, we're able to give more, provide more provide better service and, and not be these humans teetering on the edge of burnout and like trying to give from an empty cup.” - Kate Lyman


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