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Made for More Podcast

May 10, 2021

Are you feeling stuck working 24/7 in your business as you scale up to those multiple six figures marks? You’re not alone. Even with all the right systems in place and a supportive team behind you, this is still one of the biggest hurdles that I see entrepreneurs struggle to overcome as they near the 7 figure mark. Unfortunately, you can’t hustle and grind your way to 7 figures. 


In this episode, I am breaking down exactly how to escape that entrepreneur grind by giving you a raw look at how to simplify your entire process with a mix of strategy, mindset, and energy. I’ll talk about building a support system, why taking radical responsibility is key, and how to access the inner growth that’s needed to set you up for success. 


In this episode, we cover…

  • How to figure your next priority to help you scale
  • Why you need to simplify your process
  • Discovering your fears around not working 24/7
  • The three-step process to help you get unstuck in the 24/7 cycle
  • What the energetics of your availability looks like

“Being an entrepreneur and growing a business is a grind sometimes, and that's okay. But grind culture and hustling 24/7 should absolutely not be glorified. Because being busy is not a badge of honor. At the same time, you shouldn't feel shameful for working on the weekends or putting in some extra hours to build this thing that you want.” - Amanda Kolbye


There are times in place for hustle and flow. It's about us making this sustainable and finding a balance.” - Amanda Kolbye


“There's no amount of productivity hacks or this or that that will keep you unstuck past a certain point other than you uncovering what is keeping you stuck and deciding that that is no longer going to be the case.” - Amanda Kolbye

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